TFF is a Thai leading creator of flavour solution for non-alcoholic drinks, alcoholic drinks, dairy products, confectionary, bakery, savory culinary, snacks, feed and pet food as well as pharmaceutical products. Our extensive portfolio covers  a vast range of profiles of different flavor products to ensure that we can offer the most appropriate solution that meets our customers’ flavor needs and demands. We collaborate with our customers in search of unique flavor components for them – helping them to achieve their goals in creating consumer-winning products.


Not only do we provide flavor solutions, we also produce and supply food ingredients and food additive. As a result, we take great pride in our expertise strength in combining our expertise in producing these products to get the clear picture of food flavor manufacture and apply the knowledge to create the right flavor profiles to meet our customers’ requirements.

TFF serves a large number of famous manufacturers to produce energy drink,carbonic drink, non-carbonic drink, and instant drink in Thailand.

TFF has produced and developed flavors of Thai signature brands of leading manufacturers in Thailand for years.

TFF is one of the leading importers of powdered milk in Thailand. We import dairy products from several continents aving the expertise

Besides supplying favors and ingredients for bakery products, TFF can collaborate with the customer to create a formula for a specific

TFF provides savory flavors with authentic taste profiles to satisfy the needs of local and worldwide customers. The flavor is applied to a wide range

Our portfolio has more than 500 flavor products covering some unique flavors of Thai and Asian flavor profiles such as Rauwenhoffia

TFF provides both liquid flavor and powdered flavor for snack products. Our factory produces powdered flavor and ingredients

TFF supplies not only flavors but also powdered ingredients, for instance fish extract powder, spinach powder and banana powder – all containing

With our technical capabilities and our profound understanding of consumer demands, TFF produces liquid flavors for liquid drug application